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For many, being in emotional pain, suffering from depression, or anxiety or struggling with relationship difficulties has become a “norm” – “a way-of-life.” Life can be complicated and even difficult at times, but emotional pain does not have to be part of it. Reaching out for help is an important first step in finding the help you need. Whether you are experiencing relationship difficulties, feeling sad or depressed, anxious, or lonely, psychotherapy is an important and effective way to finding happiness, self-acceptance, and to experience a general better quality of life.
I specialize in treating individuals who are in highly distressing circumstances, frequently as a result of life-transitional related issues. I am empathic and supportive while providing an effective and healing treatment. In therapy, you will become stronger and more confident and develop a capacity to navigate life with happiness and vigor.
Seeking help is in of itself a courageous step. The psychotheraputic process can be overwhelming. I hope that you feel comforted and supported when you reach out to me and ultimately see a significant improvement in your life.

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