This describing program aims to build a student’s descriptive language through the use of many hands on learning methods. The combination of these methods is used to cater to a multitude of individual learning styles. Materials that are included in this line includes: two books, a set of flashcards, a workbook equipped with homework sheets, and also an interactive card game. In using this book, a student will be able to practice and ultimately master the use of using descriptive language while also expanding his/her mean length of utterance.

Describing Language Cards

Language Cards: The purpose of flashcards is a fun interactive way to learn, practice, and reinforce the use of descriptive language. Once the flashcards are mastered, a student should have an increased mean length of utterances as well as an increased skill of the use of descriptive language.

Describing Game Cards

Game: The purpose of this game is an interactive and hands on way for a child to generalize the use of descriptive language. In the game, the child will be given a target image where they must use descriptive language to describe and discriminate the target against another similar object. Here the student should be reinforced for the correct use of language in order to improve the skill.

The Describing Program

Book: Emily’s Day at Market focuses on a child’s ability to name and recognize the differences between similar objects. By the end of the book, a student should be able to understand that descriptors are used for all nouns and be able to generalize adjectives in describing things he/ she uses on a daily basis. The book exhibits a section of interactive questions that tests the child’s reading comprehension. It also has a section that reinforces the correct use of descriptive language. Finally, the child will have the chance to expand on the concept that was presented throughout the book by creating a Venn diagram to compare and contrast differences and similarities between objects.

The Describing Program

Workbook: The first purpose of this workbook is to teach an instructor how to use this program and gives a sample session that the instructor should try to mimic. It is equipped with a list of learning objects that should be used as goals of a session. Secondly, the workbook is equipped with supplement homework sheets that serve the purpose of taking therapy into an extended home based approach. In order for a student’s skill to improve, he/she must not only practice a new skill in therapy but also at home. Lastly, is a memory game where the child can further improve on his/her skill in a fun and interactive teaching method that reinforces correct descriptive language.

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