Our three step process


    Our team will help you bring your goals and ideas to life, by professionally developing your full program with cards, books and other educational products.


    Our printing solutions services provide great flexibility in bringing your finished product to the shelf, with all types of printing options for the best prices - even a single copy!


    EdSmarts has everything you need. On EdSmarts.com, your product will be seen by the audience that really matters, and will reach the students that you are so eager to help.


Our packaged services or your custom bundles allow you to save a great deal while getting everything you need to make your project a reality.

Listed prices are based on a 40-page storybook, and sold on EdSmarts.com

Bronze Package

The Bronze Package is for authors that have the ideas, illustrations and writings but need assistance with design, printing and or selling.

Gold Package

With the Gold Package, the author will get all the support needed from writing the story up to printing and selling the final product.

Platinum Package

Our most lucrative package, the Platinum Package, adds unique characters specifically created to your liking and much more.

Custom Bundle

This bundle is for authors that need assistance for only some of our services. You can bundle together any of our services that fits your needs.

Inquire for additional products and services, and custom packages.

Add-On Services

EdSmarts’ team of professionals will work with you on each level of the program development to ensure that the final product is a masterpiece.

Perfecting a story to teach a skill is an art on its own. We can work with your piece of art, or, our creative team will come up with a story to perfectly fit your educational objective.


Instructional guidelines on how to read and use the program to obtain the maximum benefit is crucial for its successful implementation. The guidelines have to be clear, concise, and perfectly orientated to the intended audience, parents, teachers or children.

Price: $100

With your perfect program in hand, you’ll want to make sure that your word choice is perfect and that there are no grammatical or syntactic errors. Our team of highly skilled editors will copy edit your text to make it just so perfect for the program and the intended audience.

Price: $100

EdSmarts has developed several sets of adorable characters loved by all children for use by our customers. We can create your own set of characters, designed exactly according to your needs and creativity, custom made by our team of artists and designers.

Price: $999 (per 6 characters)

EdSmarts has assembled a team of top children artists to create the most stunningly child-friendly illustrations to bring your program to life. These illustrations are custom made for each customer and each program to precisely meet the objectives of the program, and to help children envision scenes and episodes vividly and evocatively.

Price: $100 (per full-page illustration)

Based on your program, EdSmarts’ team of educators will design educational goals for therapists, teachers and parents. Goals break down the program into smaller parts, and identify the skills you will be working on with the child.

Price: $50 (10 goals)

Our team of highly skilled graphic designers with years of experience with educational and therapeutic print design, will create the most stunning and outstanding covers for your program. With all the others out there, your book will stand out both in beauty and creativity.

Price: $299 (front and back cover)

Children have a keen and intuitive perception of printed matter, and quickly appreciate creativity and imagination. Every educational program is different, and every book is different. Layout and typesetting is crucial for success and proper implementation. Our team of highly skilled graphic designers with years of experience with educational and therapeutic print design, will individually design each and every page of your program with the utmost care and professionalism. Every single word and every graphical element is significant in keeping our students engaged and interested.

Price: $499

With your program evolving, EdSmarts will stand by your side to implement changes in text, illustration and products.

Price: $150 (minor edits and resubmitting to print)

Your dream of bringing your book or program to fruition need not be halted by a large printing and storage investment. EdSmarts is here to ensure that your dream becomes a reality. Our on-demand printing service allows our clients to print as many book as they choose, from a single copy to thousands. Print your program as you go – no investment, no bulk, no storage.

Price: Contact us

Our state-of-the-art e-commerce system will sell your book with no work of your own. EdSmarts will handle your product page, payment, printing and shipping, and you will receive your check in the mail – simple as that!

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