A Word from Our Founder, Mordechai Kornfeld, M.S. CCC-SLP

Welcome to EdSmarts! This site was founded on the realization that while there are thousands of educational and career websites available across the world today, we want to be the center for therapists, educators and parents in one site. This site serves as an Internet hub for all your educational and therapeutic needs.

We, at EdSmarts, are passionate about helping our community with everything from finding the right tutors and special education schools, to connecting with licensed therapists, including services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, special education, mental health counseling, and coaching. Whether you’re a parent seeking specific services for your child, an experienced educator, or a licensed therapist looking for new connections, EdSmarts can help you find exactly what you need! And even more than that, we’re truly excited to help you!

In addition to our career based services, we provide a central location where professionals and parents can communicate openly online with others who have the same questions, discuss common issues, and connect with others who can answer those questions. We are your “one-stop-online-shop” for everything you need related to education and other services… in your community and beyond!

Looking forward to serving you in all we do!
Warm Regards,

Mordechai Kornfeld